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Art & Soul

  • The Art of A New Partnership

    Partnerships offer an amazing support for growth, friendship and creativity. That is why I have teamed up with the amazing non-for-profit organisation Creative Arts Therapy Australia whose mission is to use Creative Arts Therapy processes to shift thinking to positive and healthy mindsets with a huge focus on supporting those suffering from mental illness.
  • The Special Art of Commissions

    Here is a little insight into the commission pieces I have created along my journey in establishing AJ Lawson and labelling myself as an artist. Creating commissions is a special experience that I find truly rewarding. I hope you enjoy this insight into the stories behind the commissions and the visions of the very special clients who requested them.
  • I Had A Dream Beyond the Art of Law

    AJ Lawson began with a lot of anonymity, little expectation and a dream to build something rewarding. I founded AJ Lawson long before I knew what it was or what it could be. My mission for AJ Lawson is to support Australian artists who have a driving passion to create and convey their visions in unique ways. The reward is in the knowledge that with AJ Lawson, my love of art and that of the Australian artists that I come across is realised. I still don’t know where AJ Lawson will end up but I do know that if I continue to follow my own journey, it will become more than I ever expected.